I’m excited to get started, and happy to have you here. I’ve started this website for a few reasons. I began to work with copper gutters straight out of college, in 2005, and have since fallen in love with the trade. I hope to showcase the work of my company (guttersmiths.com) AND the work of others, but, more importantly, to create a resource for homeowners and contractors looking for information about copper gutter installations. We have installed 1000’s of feet of copper gutter over the years, along with copper accents such as standing seam copper bay windows, copper dormer roofs, copper built in gutters, so I do have a strong background in the area and have a lot to offer. I look forward, though, to hearing from others who have experience with everything copper. So, if you would like to have the work of your company featured, or would like to write a guest article, please email mycoppergutters@gmail.com. If you are a homeowner OR contractor and have specific questions, we are always looking for blog ideas and would love to help if possible in any way we can.

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Most common types of copper gutters

By far, the most common types of residential copper gutters (and residential gutters in general) are Copper half round gutters and copper K-style gutters.

Copper Half Round Gutter

  • Captures old world feel and adds a traditional aesthetic to homes
  • Can be run out in seamless lengths, though there is commonly an upcharge for seamless
  • Usually fascia mount hangers that you can see on the outside of the gutter
  • Overwhelming majority of copper gutters we’ve installed are half round gutters – may not be true for all contractors, though

copper halfround

Copper K-Style Gutter

  • Can be run out in seamless lengths from a standard gutter machine
  • Usually installed using brass hidden hangers
  • Less common than half round, probably more for aesthetic reasons than anything else

Copper K-Style